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 St Anne’s and St Andrew’s is in the process of significant changes following the
closure of London Inter Faith Centre in 2019; and St Andrew’s United Reformed Church in July 2020.

From the 1st January 2023 St Anne’s PCC will take over full
responsibility for the management of this building.
For details about bookings and building adminstration
please contact the Parish Office. 

Phone: 02076043053
Email: info@st-annes-brondesbury.org.uk

St Anne's and St Anrews Ch

St Anne with Holy Trinity, Brondesbury (Church of England) and St Andrew’s West Kilburn (United Reformed Church) came together with a common purpose in 1997 through the vision of a shared building which would enable both communities to maintain a Christian presence in this part of London. Since this time the vision for this shared space has grown to include a space for the London Inter Faith Centre (a shared initiative of both congregations); and a local community resource.

The Joint Council of St Anne’s and St Andrew’s seeks to both manage the building resources, ensuring that we are good stewards of God’s Kingdom; and to encourage an on-going relationship between all the communities who call this building home. The Joint Council is in the process of transferring its responsibility after the closure of London Inter Faith Centre and St Andrew’s Congregation.

Safe Guarding

Here at St Anne’s and St Andrew’s  we take seriously the well being of every person in our church community as we value each person equally.  As such we take the Safeguarding of all our members very seriously, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults. Every person has a value and dignity which comes directly from the creation of all in God’s own image and likeness.  This implies a duty to value all people as bearing the image of God and therefore to protect them from harm. Please follow the link at the bottom of  page which will take you to our full policy and details of  Safeguarding Officer and Children’s Champions.
We subscribe to the Church of England policy on Promoting Safer Church.And to the United Reformed Church Safe Guarding Handbook for churches.
Our Safeguarding Policy reviewed annually and can be read in full on our policies page

Also further information about  safe guarding can be found here; https://www.churchofengland.org/sites/default/files/2017-12/PromotingSaferChurchWeb.pdf    
You can also contact the Diocesan Safeguarding team athttps://www.london.anglican.org/directory/safeguarding-team/ and childline on 08001111 24 hours a day.
URC details can be found here http://urc.org.uk/good-practice-policy-and-procedures.html

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Safeguarding Policy