History and Purpose

Since 1998 the nature of the working relationship for the management of the buildings has significantly changed in that the Joint Council is now responsible for the management of shared staff, as well as a large number of regular users of the building.

In 2013 it was agreed

1.1        Statement of Purpose
St Anne with Holy Trinity, Brondesbury (Church of England) and St Andrew’s West Kilburn (United Reformed Church) came together with a common purpose in 1997 through the vision of a shared building which would enable both communities to maintain a Christian presence in this part of London. Since this time the vision for this shared space has grown to include a space for the London Inter Faith Centre (a shared initiative of both congregations); and a local community resource.
The Joint Council of St Anne’s and St Andrew’s seeks to both manage the building resources, ensuring that we are good stewards of God’s Kingdom; and to encourage an on-going relationship between all the communities who call this building home.

1.2        As co-chairs they would act as a standing committee with reference to the Treasurer for large expenditure items in terms of day to day management of the building.

1.3        The Joint Council would encourage a greater sense of sharing between the two congregations beyond the sharing of the building.

1.4        The Joint Council would agree three shared mission objectives annually to support this.

  1. 2.    Mission Initiatives 2013

In 2013 it was agreed that the Joint Council would:

2.1        Continue to support the work of the Inter Faith Centre (LIFC), and in particular its establishment as a separate charity.  The Joint Council will continue to see the LIFC as part of its mission with use of the resources of its buildings.  It is recognised that in time some financial contribution from LIFC may need to be sought.

2.2        Seek to encourage at least 2 shared services in the year 2013-2014 between the two churches.

Agree to one shared mission fundraiser each year.  In 2014 we seek to focus on Christian Aid Week.