The Joint Council approved in 2013 new policies of the working of this building.
These policies were reviewed and updated in February 2016.

These policies relate to the management of the Joint Property of St Anne’s and St Andrew’s governed by the Sharing Agreement signed on the 26th October 1998.  The Polices are approved by the Joint Council as set out in Second Schedule of the sharing agreement.

Policies may be added to from time-to-time to reflect the legal or practical needs of the building management and/or building users.

Policies will be reviewed at least every 3 years, but may be amended more regularly if required.

The Letting policy (Policy 1), which includes fees for letting, and the Safeguarding Policy (Policy 2), should be reviewed annually.

The policies below were revised and approved in February 2016.

1. Lettings and Space Use Policy
2.Safe Guarding Policy
3. Health and Safety Policy
4. Equal Opportunities Policy
5. Fire Evacuation Policy
6. First Aid Policy
7. Complaints Policy
8.Grievance Policy
9.Behaviour Policy
10. Photo Policy
11. Signage and display of notices